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Altan Design

Full-service creative studio based in Toronto

Alexey and Tatiana at Brookfield Place, Toronto

Intelligent and persuasive design solutions–from vision to final delivery


Altan Design is a professional, multi-disciplinary creative studio that combines modern design æsthetics with a crystal-clear understanding of what you stand for and whom your customers expect you to be.


We’re strategically transforming your visual language by providing integral brand solutions through intelligent design and educated choices.

Instantly recognizable branding that refuses to be ignored.

Meaningful Design

Whether your brand is a well-established leader or just beginning its journey, crafting an distinctive visual identity is essential to break through the surrounding visual disarray.

The potential of non-linear, abstract creative thinking allows us to go beyond the generally accepted patterns that have historically emerged, enabling us to find new and sometimes unexpected solutions. Such an approach helps create cohesive consumer experiences for brands to communicate their values by evoking emotions.

Unlocking Success

Our choice of profession rose from our devotion to creativity, intertwined with our desire to enrich the visual environment. Nowadays, at Altan Design, creativity is not just a profession but a platform for talents to develop appealing and impactful outcomes that help unlock brands’ success.

Our devoted team
can help you with:


No matter the medium, we diligently ensure your visual communications remain clear, consistent and memorable across all customer touch points.


We help brands crafting a distinctive tone of voice that empower them to stand out from the crowd and forge impactful connections with the customers.


We’ve honed our craft for over two decades across print and digital. There’s nothing novice about our mastery to get things done just right.

Design Studio

The studio was co-founded by Creative Director Alexey Makhinko RGD* and Art Director Tatiana Rusanovska. Alexey is an internationally acclaimed designer, art director, and educator with over two decades of experience collaborating with retail, broadcasting, publishing, and food businesses. Tatiana is an award-winning illustrator, designer, and passionate artist particularly interested in culture and art history. Our creative team works closely with web developers, illustrators, copywriters, videographers and photographers as our trusted partners.

Certified Registered Graphic Designer.
RGD is the largest professional Association for graphic design professionals, with over 4,000 Members across Canada. Working with an RGD means you can be confident that you are dealing with experienced, skilled, qualified professionals passionate about design.
Affiliate member of Industrial Designers in Ontario.
ACIDO was formed to develop and promote the profession and it fosters high standards of design and professional integrity, supporting designers at all levels of their career through the development and promotion of best practices.



Tatiana created the RUTA Textiles brand and designed her unique series of silk scarves


Alexey joined ACIDO (Association of Industrial Designers of Ontario)


Alexey rejoined RGD (Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario)


Tatiana and Alexey established Altan Design StudioTatiana is a winner of the 1st Place in Illustration Category of American Design Award

Brands we worked on

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Toronto Location

445 Edgeley Blvd. Unit #15 
Concord Ontario, Canada L4K 4G1
+1 647 479 7707